we want our clients to be successful, so we are always willing to go the extra yard. From marketing related issues, to computer maintenance and virus protection. we answer our phone live and in person 90% of the time.. All our clients are references and will be happy to tell you about the quality of our services. Just call, and we'll provide you with a list of satisfied customers you may contact.  

Below are some very nice letters some have written, along with some e-mail I've received.



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From: Brett Fish
Sent: Wednesday, May 28, 2003 4:41 PM
Subject: Testimonial
By having my website with North-bound.com, I have doubled the amount of leads I get from floor time and personal newspaper ads.  The commissions I've gotten, from sales directly related to my website, have paid for my service 100x over.  Thanks North-bound for a quality website that gets fantastic results!


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From: Gary Pownall
To:  Darryl Lane
Subject: Endorsement
To Whom It May Concern:
During the past few years I have worked closely with Darryl Lane -Internet Marketer.  Darryl has been key to the successful development and evolution of the Real Estate One Franchising web site.
Darryl works daily managing and promoting our site, assuring that our site is easily found and straightforward to use.  As a result, our web site has become an important tool for customer satisfaction and lead generation.
Thanks, Darryl!
Gary L. Pownall
President, Franchise Division
Real Estate One, Inc.



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From: Linda Trimner
To:  Darryl Lane
Subject: Real Estate One of Evart

Just wanted to say Thank You for helping to make our first year a great success. I am very pleased with the fabulous response that my web site has generated.  It has been everything you promised and more.  We have received hundreds of leads through our web site and many of them have developed into sales, which is the ultimate goal in all advertising.  Being up north and in a very small town I need every tool available to reach potential buyers, and I rank my presence on the internet as # 1.  Believe me when I say that it wouldn't have happened without your expertise!
I certainly appreciate all the extra attention we received from you and the unlimited patience you displayed whenever I called with one of my silly computer questions.  It has been a real learning experience.    
Thank you for a job well done!!
Linda Trimner/Owner
Real Estate One of Evart


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[email protected]
Darryl Lane

   To whom it may concern,

   This e-mail serves to confirm that Homestead Real Estate One has been
   working with Darryl Lane for over 3 years.  We are very happy and
   satisfied with Darryl's web site management work and support during this time. 
   The site generates numerous leads for us each week.
   Our customers are pleased with our web site and compliment us often.

   We will continue to do business with Darryl in the future and we
   strongly recommend Darryl to anyone wishing to expand
   their business through the Internet.

   Yours sincerely,

   Robert L. Weisbrodt

Below are un-edited e-mail letters from some of my clients:

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   From: Tom & Deanne Mikols
   To: Darryl Lane
   Subject: Change

   Darryl, I got 5 emails in the last 24 hours.  That's 35/wk. Working part time, I can't handle more than that. I agree with your recommended changes. Can you somehow do that on my listings page without disturbing the rest of the site?  Thanks,

Tom Mikols 



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From: Nora Sharpe
To: Darryl Lane
Subject: REOJ Web update
Sent this weeks update thru Paragon.  Please confirm that you received it.
Also, we have had an extremely good response from our web site so far.  I am actually wondering how they are finding us so soon.  We are not even in search engines yet. Are we?
Nora Sharpe


   ----Original Message-----
From: Dan & Sally Bellman 
To: Darryl Lane
Subject: Lots of Leads

I sold over $2 million dollars worth of property this year, and keep in mind ... I'm usually third in the pecking order at our office - this year - I was first!!!!! Congratulations to me! Seriously, we all had a fabulous year!!!  And we owe a lot of it to you Darryl, you've done a wonderful job promoting our web site - keep up the good work!!


  -----Original Message-----
   From: ERA Greater North Properties 
   To: Darryl Lane
   Subject: Happy Thanksgiving!

   Hi Darryl!  Hope all is well with you. 

   Please remove #90799 under acreage.  It hasn't officially sold yet, but
   an offer's been accepted, and we get at least 5 inquiries a day for it..
   I'm going out of town tomorrow and don't want to come back Monday to
   25 e-mails on that property!

   Thanks and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 
   Elizabeth - ERA Greater North Properties - Cadillac, Mi.


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