Most people know the definition of development. But to be certain everyone clicking on this page understands, we are going to pass along Merriam-Webster's definition, simply because it's so good.

Main Entry: de�vel�op�ment

1a : to make visible or manifest
1b : to work out the possibilities of
2a : to move (as a chess piece) from the original position to one
      providing more opportunity for effective use
3a : to go through a process of growth


Many, many people published their new web sites onto the Internet, entered them into the search engines, then sat back waiting for the phone to ring. Unfortunately, many, many people found out it doesn't work that way. If it were only that easy. There wouldn't be a need for professional web developers, or Internet marketing specialists.

There is more to it than that. A lot more. You can have the most beautiful site in the entire world, but if there aren't enough people seeing it....well, the phone is not going to ring any more than it did before. An effort must be made to realize a web site's potential. And the higher quality the effort, the higher quality the results.

The development of a web site is an idea that is constantly being improved upon. A web site grows stronger over time, eventually linked to thousands of other web sites. Designing a web site is only the first step of web site development.


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