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To better serve our clients and customers Fairchild and Green Realty is located in central Michigan. Our office is in a popular resort area with many lakes, rivers and acres of State owned land. These natural resources provide the opportunity for many forms of recreation. Trails for all types of vehicles, plus hunting, fishing, skiing, golfing, snowmobiling and many other outdoor activities welcome visitors to Clare County, Gateway to the North

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Potential Sellers, before you decide to market your property contact Fairchild & Green  Realty. While we have always Specialized in Waterfront & Recreational Properties in Clare County Michigan, we continue to improve our market share of the local home and commercial properties as well.

What will Fairchild & Green Realty do for you and your property?

  1. We happily provide a Free C.M.A. whether you are ready to Market your property or you just want to see what its currently worth. A C.M.A. is a Comparative Market Analysis, a comparison of the properties that have actually Sold in your area to the physical properties of your home or land. This allows us to more accurately determine what we would expect the property to Sell for, rather than just put the price of your property where most other area properties are listed. Comparing to your property to actual Sold properties is the only accurate way to determine an accurate market price.
  2. We regularly advertise our properties in at least 4 Real Estate Magazines each month, plus local newspapers, Outdoor Magazines, and the Detroit area Newspapers. Our Advertising Goal is to have each home, business, commercial, or vacant land listing in at least 1 magazine each month. This, plus our ever popular web site, which we have just up graded to allow prospective Buyers to search a large portion of the Clare-Gladwin Board of Realtors multiple listing service. This helps keep them on OUR web site which is better for our Sellers than having them jump from site to site.
  3. We will stay abreast of the Market and keep you informed if the price of your property needs to be adjusted up or down, to remain competitive in the market.
  4. We will provide you with many Sellers Tips to ready your property for the market.
  5. We truly represent our Sellers and their interests in the sales/negotiation process, with our loyalties being to you our client.
  6. We assist with and handle all the details during the selling and closing processes of your property, and with our relationships with lenders and title companies we can sometimes move things along a little faster if needed.

We are only a Toll Free call away to discuss your questions or concerns, so no matter where you live or travel to we are available to you our client.

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