Business Card Style CD's hold up to 
50 megabytes of  information!

Promote Your Business, your product, your area, or yourself. 
Perhaps even all of the above, on one pocket size CD.


The CD Business Card is a working CD-ROM the size of a business card! It has become very popular recently as people have discovered its power as a marketing tool. The unique shape of the CD offers a real 'wow' factor, and differentiates your materials from traditional brochures, flyers and handouts. Everyone that uses your CD Business Cards is right where you want them - viewing your presentation, which can end with an automatic link to your web site.
Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of this pocket size CD is that once distributed, they have a tendency to "get around".  People are reluctant to just throw them away. Instead, they usually pass them along to friends and associates...and so on. 


Professional Presentations  

Just like my web development work, I take pride in creating these presentations. Almost anything you'll see on the web can be included on your CD. 50 megabytes opens the door for creativity, and I have some pretty neat software to work with. Presentations may include dynamic html, java, animation, sound, effects, music, voice, virtual tours, and more. 

Want them to remember you? 
Consider the impression these CD's will leave. 


Custom Labels and Vinyl Sleeves

All CD's come pre-labeled and inserted into protective vinyl sleeves. The sleeves are "see thru" so your impression begins the moment they are handed out or, received in the mail.

Call for Pricing.


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